Betting on the wild side

  • All ante, trips and blind bets must be placed prior to cards being dealt.
  • Trips bonus may only be played when an ante is played.
  • If any player or dealer is dealt an incorrect number of cards, all hands/round is void.
  • All bets shall be resolved according to the best five card poker hand compared against the dealer’s five card poker hand.
  • At any time if a card(s) leave the table that hand is considered dead.
  • If a burn card is forgotten, the hand will be played out as is.
  • If any cards are exposed during the deal, all hands are declared dead.
  • If any cards are found face up during the deal, all hands are declared dead.
  • The dealer needs a pair to qualify, if the dealer does not qualify, the ante is a push and all other bets receive action.