Betting on the wild side

  • Table limits are posted at each table. Limits are alterable with reasonable notice.
  • Bets will be placed prior to cards being dealt.
  • At no time is the player permitted to touch the cards or shoe.
  • Partner betting is permitted and must not exceed table maximum.
  • When partner betting the seated player has control of the square.
  • Partner betting is not allowed on LuckyLucky.
  • A Player may not hit a hard or soft 21.
  • Insurance pays 2 to 1.
  • A natural Blackjack takes precedence over a three or more card 21.
  • Surrender is offered at all tables.
  • Only Copper Coulee Casino chips may be used to wager.
  • When splitting aces, only one card will be delivered per ace.
  • Two cards constitute a hand.
  • Maximum split of 3 times to create four hands.